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      How to Choose the Right Land Clearing Service: All The Questions You Should Be Asking

      May 12, 2023

      So, you’ve got a piece of land that needs clearing. Whether it’s for a new construction project, landscaping, or just clearing space for a garden, you need a reliable land-clearing service to help you get the job done right. But how do you choose the right one?

      If you are like most people, you probably check Google reviews first. But as you probably know, these reviews don’t always tell the full story. Fake reviews are a thing. Matter of fact, a study revealed that 10.7% of Google’s reviews are questionable.

      So how do you then separate the wheat from the chaff, and choose a land clearing service that won’t be an expensive headache? With this read, you’ll be able to make a thorough and informed decision:

      7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Land Clearing Service

      Reputation: Ask for references and check reviews

      Yes, we did mention fake reviews are a thing. But checking reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook is still a great way to investigate local businesses. You just need to know how to spot fake reviews.

      The good thing about authentic reviews is that some customers will go into detail, giving you valuable information about how that business operates.

      Your prospective contractor should also be able to provide references at your request. With your references, you can ask very detailed questions such as:

      • How communicative is the land clearing contractor? What was their general attitude when asked questions? Were they eager to go into details and let you know how some things work, or did they just want the reference to pay, shut up, and let them do their thing?
      • How punctual were they? Did they show up or were there compromises?
      • Did they have issues with equipment or on the job site? How did they handle it?
      • Were they transparent? Did they leave issues to deal with after the job? Were they responsive in the aftermath of this?

      Specialization: What type of land clearing are they good at?

      Land clearing projects vary in scope and nature. Some contractors may be great at clearing out a few trees in your backyard, but that wouldn’t make them the best option for large scale land clearing projects like construction or farming.

      In the same vein, some companies that are used to large scale jobs may not be so invested in clearing out space for a garage or garden. They may accept the job and then take time to respond and deliver.

      Usually, you can immediately get a sense of a contractor’s specialization through their website or Google and Facebook photos. But for more reliable information, get in touch with the company.

      Ask what kind of land clearing jobs they do. Ask them if your project is something they’ve done before and are used to. To be sure the land clearing service is a good fit, discuss the following with them:

      • Size and layout of the area to be cleared
      • Species of trees on it
      • Items and materials on the land that may prove to be obstacles.
      • Your timeline and budget for the job.

      If they respond in the affirmative, ask them how they tacked previous jobs like yours. How long did it take them to complete? What tools and equipment did they use?

      Another thing to find out is if they handle every aspect of land clearing i.e stump grinding, and brush clearing. You don’t want to be dealing with a mess after the job is complete.

      Safety Standards

      Land clearing can be a dangerous job, so it’s important to choose a company that takes safety seriously. A couple things to look out for:

      • Do they follow proper safety procedures?
      • What safety equipment do they use?
      • Do they have plans to manage emergencies on site?


      Land clearing is intensive and risky, so experience plays a role as well. Companies with more experience are likely to finish a job very smoothly and on time. Usually, they are more equipped to handle a range of land-clearing projects. Such services are also far less likely to incur casualties, injuries, or emergencies on site.

      Ask the land clearing company how long they’ve been in business, if they haven’t provided this information already. You can even ask them to reference some of their earliest customers to confirm their claim.

      Keep in mind that relatively new companies with a good mix of experienced workers can still do a great job.

      License and Insurance

      It’s always better to work with a licensed and insured service. Licensing is especially important for large-scale land clearing projects like construction. Apart proving trustworthiness, it also means the company wouldn’t have issues with permits and certain land clearing regulations.

      Working with an insured company means you wouldn’t be liable for any on-site injuries or casualties. Ask the contractor to provide you with proof of their certifications.


      You want to make sure you’re getting a fair quote for your land clearing project. Get estimates from multiple companies, and compare them carefully. Make sure you understand exactly what is included in the quote, and ask about any additional fees or charges that may apply.

      When asking for quotes, be aware that a few factors can affect land clearing estimates. They include:

      • Your location
      • Size and terrain of your land.
      • Species, size, and number of trees to be removed.
      • Disposal of brush and tree material.

      Customer Service

      You want to work with a company that is easy to communicate with and responsive to your needs.

      Pay attention to how the company communicates with you during the quote process. Do they respond quickly to your calls and emails? Are they willing to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have?

      Get Your Land Clearing Done Right

      Vetting potential contractors is just one of the several things you must do before embarking on any land clearing project. So, take your time with the process.

      We, at Pewaukee Tree Care, have been doing tree removal and land clearing for more than a decade. We’re based in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, so if you need land clearing services, we will be happy to visit your property and provide an estimate.

      You can reach out and ask any questions you have; our professionals will respond quickly.