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Routine tree trimming is important to maintaining healthy greenery and protecting your property. When done incorrectly, excessive tree cutting can damage trees and lead to an eventual removal.

At Pewaukee Tree Care, we understand how to diagnose and treat tree problems. We have deep experience in thinning branches, removing weak wood, and identifying bigger health issues. Our tree trimmers can also help you develop a plan of action for dealing with leaning trees or those positioned close to rooftops and power lines. Additionally, we can save trees through targeted pruning, fertilizing, and treatment, if necessary.

We are more than happy to provide consultative services at any time throughout the year. Our tree trimming services cover multiple cities surrounding Pewaukee, WI including Oconomowoc, Nashotah, and Merton. Schedule a visit so that we can help you determine the best plan of action for your unique outdoor space. .

Any tree that does needs to be trimmed and thinned so that the tree won’t cause property damage or a power failure. Always call in the pros for work like this, since mistakes around power lines are literally shocking – and not in a good way.
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