Affordable and Prompt Tree Removal Service in Hartland, Wisconsin

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      Affordable and Prompt Tree Removal Service in Hartland, Wisconsin

      Pewaukee Tree Care has been one of Hartland, Wisconsin’s leading tree removal services for almost a decade. Why have we thrived as a locally-owned tree service for this long? 3 reasons:

      • We value our clients’ time, so we are strictly punctual and have a fast-response policy.
      • We have a knack for completing projects ahead of schedule.
      • We provide high-quality tree services at very reasonable quotes

      Have Your Trees Trimmed or Removed As Safely As Possible, Just In Time For Dinner

      Tree cutting is very labor-intensive and dangerous. Even with an experienced crew, the risk of injury to the environment or workers is still high—unless you are working with the proper equipment.

      Being a heavily equipped tree removal company, Pewaukee Tree Care works with specialized equipment to handle tree projects of varying scopes. Think heavy-duty tools like harvesters and excavators for land clearing work, or cranes and bucket trucks for urban projects.

      Our modern bucket trucks are handled by highly-skilled operators. This beautiful combination of human expertise and machine excellence means they can skillfully maneuver within tight urban areas and difficult terrain. We will be safely removing those “hard-to-reach” branches and hazardous overgrown crowns. All with minimum impact on your yard and zero damage to surrounding structures like your house and power lines.

      We Clean Up Too…

      We understand that tree removal and stump grinding create a huge mess that no one likes to see, so we do the courtesy of cleaning up after every job. Our boys will rake, blow, and sweep tree debris off the area so it looks as good as new.

      We Are A Licensed and Insured Hartland Tree Service

      Due to the high-risk nature of tree trimming, removal, and land clearing, we are insured. This means you wouldn’t be liable in the event of any mishaps or injuries.

      An established and licensed tree service like ours is always a better option than the predatory door-to-door contractors that show up after a storm. We are safer to work with in emergencies—we respond quickly, provide transparent, comprehensive quotes, and have a hard-earned reputation we have to protect.

      Land Clearing That Is Friendly To Your Environment

      Whether you need to clear a trail, build a new house, remove an invasive species, or mulch several acres, we have the right equipment and professionals for the job.

      Our land clearing process is very considerate. To make the project as smooth as possible, we’ll factor in things like:

      • The nature of the terrain (to determine the least damaging approach).
      • Trees or vegetation you might want to preserve.
      • What you’ll do with the brush, logs, and mulch after the project.

      Your Friendly Neighborhood Tree Service

      Like most parts of Wisconsin, Hartland’s climate is home to a variety of conifers and hardwoods, many of which we are decidedly familiar with. Our experts know precisely what to do with that unhealthy ash tree in your backyard. Or perhaps that maple tree with overgrown branches that are dangerously close to the house? We’ve been trimming trees like that perfectly for years.

      We have ISA-certified tree arborists with years of experience in planting and maintaining cedars, firs, spruces, ash, aspen, beech, hemlock, butternut, oak, cottonwoods, maples, and other species common to Wisconsin.

      We’re based in Pewaukee, but we respond quickly to calls within and around Hartland, from Cottonwood Avenue and Vettelson Road to Hartridge and Still Meadow. We also cater to other cities in Wisconsin, including Oconomowoc, Delafield, Okauchee, Wales, and Merton.

      Give Pewaukee Tree Care a call if you want fast and expert tree services that’ll leave your property healthy and looking new.