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      Tree pruning is an integral part of proper tree care and should be performed regularly. Waiting too long or even improperly pruning a tree can cause long-term damage to its structural integrity. This can make the tree hazardous, especially if it’s a larger tree. A dilapidated tree is a hazard to both your home and safety. In order to avoid any problems, all you have to do is prune your trees! Pruning is effective year-round for most trees, and that’s all they need to flourish. Aside from keeping you and your property safe from damage, a well-pruned tree also provides a comfortable aesthetic feel to your property. Beautifully maintained trees also work to raise the overall value of your property!

      When you think about it, pruning sounds pretty straightforward, but it’s definitely not! Trees of all ages and sizes require a variety of different techniques to ensure their longevity and integrity. Younger trees are sometimes overlooked because they take a long time to grow. However, if you want your tree to have a certain look or grow in a certain direction, utilizing the proper pruning technique for your specific tree is essential. Older trees require just as much attention and should be inspected for weak, dead, or diseased limbs. If you spot any on your trees, you should have it pruned as soon as you can! Can you prune your trees yourself? Certainly, but it’s helpful to have knowledgeable experts on your side, and that’s where we come in. Pewaukee Tree Care provides year-round pruning services performed by expert arborists. In other words, we will keep your trees pruned and happy all year!

      Though we’re based in Pewaukee, we provide our tree pruning services to nearly every city surrounding our home-base. This includes larger cities such as Delafield, Hartland, Oconomowoc, as well as smaller cities such as Okauchee, Merton, and Wales! Give Pewaukee Tree Care a call today and let’s get your trees looking beautiful and healthy again.

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