Tips For Cultivating Healthy Trees

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      Tree Service Tips
      Tip #1: Water, Water, and More Water  

      Trees need water, especially early on in their lives. When first planted, the average tree should be fed five gallons of water per day to ensure that the roots are well saturated. In general, caring well for a tree in the first three years after planting is crucial for its long-term survival.

      Tree Service Tips Waukesha
      Tip #2: Mulch & Soil  

      In addition to water, appropriate mulch and soil use are essential to healthy tree development. Mulching facilitates moisture absorption and good soil helps maintain airflow to the tree’s root system. We recommend that you use no more than four inches of mulch around your tree. Additionally, keep the area near the base clear so that your tree can breathe properly.

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      Tip #3: Staking When Needed

      Staking is important for helping your tree grow correctly if it needs additional support. Don’t tie your tree too tightly to the stake as you may cause unnecessary bending. We recommend only staking trees for up to two years. Should you have any questions, feel free to call our expert arborists.

      Root Stump Removal Tips
      Tip #4: Leaving Enough Room For Roots 

      When planting a tree, you need to make sure that its root system is able to settle and expand appropriately. Too much new soil around the base of a tree can cause roots to tangle or strangle the trunk of the tree. If you need additional guidance in this area, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

      Pruning Tips
      Tip #5: Pruning Every Few Years  

      Be sure to prune your tree to remove broken or dead branches that may hinder its growth. We recommend that you prune your tree every few years once it has had ample time to settle and grow.

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