Trusted Tree Removal Service in Okauchee, Wisconsin

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      Trusted Tree Removal Service in Okauchee, Wisconsin

      Honest, Fast Communication and No BS-Quotes

      Pewaukee Tree Care has been one of Okauchee’s most reliable tree services for almost a decade. Being a locally-owned tree removal company, we prioritize a few things:

      • Your time; so you can bet we’ll be responding quickly if you reach out.
      • Honesty and open communication; so we take the time to explain the process and make you feel confident in our expertise.
      • Integrity, because hidden costs are sneaky and frankly, annoying. That’s why our quotes are straightforward and transparent. With us, you can expect a comprehensive quote that accurately reflects the scope of work.

      Rapid Response for Emergency Tree Services

      Okauchee is just an 18-minute drive from Pewaukee, where we’re based. In case of emergencies, we’ll have no problem reaching your location quickly. Whether it’s a fallen tree blocking your driveway or a hazardous branch posing a threat to your property, count on us to be there to provide the necessary tree removal services.

      Equipped for Quick, Clean, and Safe Tree Removal: Zero Impact on Your Yard and Surroundings

      At Pewaukee Tree Care, we have all the specialized equipment, including cranes, bucket trucks, and excavators, to handle any tree project with precision and minimal impact.

      Our skilled operators have years of experience handling these machines. They know how to safely maneuver in tight spaces and around urban structures. Rest assured, surrounding structures, such as your house and telecom lines, will remain untouched, and your yard won’t be destroyed during the process.

      While our arborists work very steadily, they don’t work slowly. Because they’re so experienced, they often finish projects ahead of schedule.

      We Clean Up After Every Job: Whether It’s One Tree or a Land Clearing

      Tree removal gets really messy. That’s why we take the courtesy of cleaning up after every job. By the time our dedicated team is done on your property, it might look as if we were never there—except for the missing trees.

      Our clean-up policy applies to land-clearing jobs too. We go the extra mile; raking the debris from the area, removing large stumps, chunks, rootballs, and residue, and grading the site.

      Licensed and Insured Okauchee Tree Service for Your Protection and Peace of Mind

      With the high-risk nature of tree trimming, removal, and land clearing, it’s crucial to choose a licensed and insured tree company. Pewaukee Tree Care is insured, and we work with ISA-certified tree arborists. As a certified tree care service, we are committed to excellence, but even in the case of any mishap, you won’t be held liable.

      Choose Pewaukee Tree Care, Your Local Tree Arborists

      Our arborists are also highly trained in tree planting and maintenance. They have years of experience working with tree species common to Wisconsin, especially the southeastern area including, cedars, maple, oak, ash, spruce, aspen, beech, hemlock, butternut, etc.

      If you need your trees checked or want to control the spread of an infestation, give us a call. You can leave the situation to our experts or let them give you the best recommendations on control, treatment, and maintenance.

      We’re based in Pewaukee, but we respond quickly to calls within and around Okauchee, from Lacy’s Lane and Elm Avenue to Park Bay Road and Lindy Lane. We also cater to other cities in Wisconsin, including Oconomowoc, Delafield, Okauchee, Wales, Hartland, and Merton.

      Give Pewaukee Tree Care a call if you want highly-qualified tree services at affordable rates.